Commercial Flooring Services

Aflor Commercial is committed to delivering exceptional commercial floor services to our valued clients.

To accomplish this, our team evaluate the size and scope of your project and present you with comprehensive recommendations. This ensures that the safety, sustainability, health and environment of your organisation is always protected. The process includes product selection, intended purpose, maintenance requirements, compliance (slip and fire rating, etc.), life cost, low emissions flooring and design assistance (in conjunction with suppliers).

Commercial floor services are what we specialise in, so you can be sure of expert advice about your floor choice and installation.

We guarantee to get the foundations right, so you can be confident of a superior and long-lasting outcome.

Resilient Flooring

Sheet vinyl, vinyl planks/LVT, sheet rubber, rubber tiles,
woven vinyl systems, wall vinyl, wall cladding.

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Resilient Flooring

Our range of durable and versatile resilient flooring is a must for Healthcare and Retail Industries. Specially designed to withstand the heavy foot-traffic of commercial spaces, it offers versatility in design and format to suit all your project requirements.

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Broadloom carpet for residential units, hotels, Axminster
(custom designed/patterned carpet for hotels/resorts) and
carpet tiles for many other applications.

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Carpet Flooring

If you’re looking to add comfort and sophistication to residential units and hotels we offer a range of Broadloom, Axminster and carpet tiles to reinvent your project. For larger projects, we also offer the ability to customise the design and pattern to suit your needs.

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Timber Floor

Engineered timber flooring.

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Timber Floor

Transform your function room, sports hall or office space with our engineered timber flooring. Ideal for busy commercial spaces due to its durability, low maintenance and sturdiness it is the popular choice for a natural and inviting space.

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ARCHitectural Finishes

Removal of existing floorcoverings, floor grinding, floor
levelling, moisture suppression.

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ARCHitectural Finishes & FLOOR PREP

At Aflor Commercial we believe correct floor preparation is key to the longevity of your flooring solution. With state of the art equipment and 28 years of experience, we offer the highest level of workmanship to ensure your floor surface is prepared efficiently and accurately. We include concrete moisture content testing and detailed floor preparation assessments within the preparation process.

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Architectural Finishes


The Monumat brand of Entrance Matting Systems is a unique range that combines contemporary design and aesthetics with the ability to suit the most demanding environments.


Step Master offers a comprehensive range of architecturally designed profiles to meet every demand, from heavy-duty traffic in railway stations to the more general retail/office use, providing maximum pedestrian safety and WHS requirements.


Navigate Tactiles series are designed to be installed onto pedestrian surfaces to assist in the orientation of people who are vision impaired and to give tactile warning to safely navigate around in a built environment – detectable underfoot or by cane.

Whether you need to protect walls from impact and wear, shield areas that are prone to damage, or install handrails that provide both protection and aid mobility – whatever you require, Aflor Commercial has the total solution for you.

All public buildings have similar difficulties: premature deterioration together with wear and tear of their premises. Corridor walls, corners and doors are constantly knocked by trolleys and are damaged by continuous pedestrian traffic. In addition to preserving the interior, the absence of bacteria and microorganisms is absolutely imperative in operating theatres and clean rooms. Aflor Commercial has developed three ranges of products that have been tested in order to offer you the most appropriate solutions – wall protection rails, protection plates, and the decorative protection panels. All are resistant to impact, germs and cleaning products. They are made from solid-colour and antibacterial PVC, therefore, the colour will not alter with cleaning or time.

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