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Contact us to discuss any of your office flooring needs. We can advise on new office floor installations, renovations and more. Based in Kunda Park on The Sunshine Coast, we specialise in commercial flooring, including office floors, such as carpet, timber, and vinyl.

We have the experience to help make your office look great, while ensuring your new office floor will also wear well. Our team can offer solutions to meet your budget and we deliver on time. Our family run business is dedicated to service and exceeding our clients expectations. We will work with you to understand your design needs, while also offering experienced advice to help install the best new office floor for you. Call us or use our enquiry form to begin the process today. We offer free quotes.

Office Floor Upgrades

We can upgrade your office flooring, no matter what kind of use it has. This could be owner occupied or leased office spaces. A new floor creates a much more professional appearance for clients that visit your office. A new floor can increase staff moral, by showing you care about how the office looks. Other reasons to renovate and office floor can be to install a harder wearing material, reduce noise (such as high heels), and for safety reasons.

In a leased office space, a brand new office floor can increase the monthly rent charged, which can mean the floor soon pays for itself. We have a list of common office floor materials used below.

Office Laminate Flooring

Commercial laminate flooring tends to see greater use within industrial and commercial work spaces. These are especially useful for business owners who may require a certain degree of waterproofing for their commercial flooring. Laminate flooring in offices is common in lobby areas or reception areas. They look very professional, and come in a wide variety of patterns.

in Sunshine Coast offices,  laminate flooring offers the benefit of being cool, and easy to clean. Sand for example just vacuums off easily. It is very resilient and long lasting.

Staff areas are also often covered with laminate flooring. You can easily bright your kitchen area, or storerooms, while achieving a chic or warm presentation. Timber prints are among some of the popular options available when it comes to selecting a decorative print layer for your laminate flooring.

Timber Flooring For Offices

The popularity of timber flooring tends to be unanimous, for good reason. Timber office floors create a warm feel for any space, while also being easy to clean and maintain. What many clients may not realise is how resilient office timber flooring can be. Durability is always a major factor when choosing new office flooring.

Timber flooring can help you create distinct and classy look for boardrooms or office lobbies. it is timeless really.

Carpet Flooring For Offices

Commercial carpet flooring is among one of the most highly chosen options when it comes to office flooring on the Sunshine Coast. When selecting a commercial flooring, many business owners and office managers select carpet for its ability to stand up to regular wear. It is also non slip and comfortable to walk on.

Carpet flooring can be used throughout the office in all types of areas, including the lobby, price office, boardrooms, staff amenity rooms, hallways and more. There are office carpet tiles and colours can be either uniform or varied, depending on your preferences.

For more information or advice on office flooring Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland businesses can count on, contact us today. Free quotes from commercial flooring experts.

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