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Plenty of property owners think about renovating their spaces before turning them into commercial rentals. As with most cases where a large enough property is concerned, property owners may think about renting out their property as an office space. With such a decision come specific considerations, mostly to do with ensuring the suitability of your interior spaces for your tenants’ need to use it as an office. Among these considerations is how you can provide suitable office flooring for a soon to be office on the Sunshine Coast.

Think about how lobby areas and hallways benefit the most from having carpet flooring. Especially the case when it concerns consultancies and businesses, these types of areas present high foot traffic. As such, office flooring options such as carpet flooring may help you conserve your flooring from repair costs. As with other areas of your office, it is good to first consider what you intend for the space, before considering just aesthetic options that can be created through a choice of commercial flooring.

Most Requested Types Of Commercial Office Flooring


Commercial Laminate Flooring

Commercial laminate flooring tends to see greater use within industrial and commercial work spaces. These are especially useful for business owners who may require a certain degree of waterproofing for their commercial flooring. As most commercial laminate flooring is comprised of our layers, this ensures a good degree of moisture resistance for property owners looking to protect their workspaces. A decorative layer is also found among these four layers, and provides property owners with a way to protect their floor spaces while creating good aesthetic appeal.

Commercial laminate flooring is just one option that sees a fair amount of use among those considering office flooring options on the Sunshine Coast. Imagine being able to protect your pantry or storeroom areas, while achieving a chic or warm presentation. Timber-like prints are among some of the popular options available when it comes to selecting a decorative print layer for your laminate flooring. However, there are plenty of options to consider and one should not be limited to just mimicking other forms of commercial flooring.

Timber Flooring

The popularity of timber flooring tends to be unanimous, for good reason. Timber flooring does not just create a warm presentation for your spaces but also presents specific effects like being easy to clean and maintain. What many clients may not realise is how timber flooring also offers strong durability. Timber flooring also offers options for those with selective tastes. Depending on the pattern or design you prefer, parquetry timber flooring can help you create distinct and classy looks for boardrooms or office lobbies.


Commercial carpet flooring is among one of the most ubiquitous options when it comes to office flooring options on the sunshine coast. When selecting a commercial flooring option, many business owners and office managers select carpet for its ability to keep their commercial flooring protected from regular wear. Carpet flooring provides a way to buffer your under layers of commercial flooring from heavy foot traffic that you would typically experience in lobbies and especially hallways.

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